March Hand Lettering, Week 4 + the end

Concise end of the month thoughts: I'm so glad I followed through on this. I need a break from doing this. I can't wait to more fully realize some of these. Overall: I call it a success.


March Hand Lettering, Week 3


March Hand Lettering, Week 2

I should stop being so wordy and let these stand on their own more, right???

Haha, just kidding. They all have captions!


March Hand Lettering, Week 1

So I've read about a million different inspirational, motivational articles or blogs or Instagram photos about creativity and habit-building - all boiling down, basically, to "Just do it." I'm trying to remember that not everything that results from a pencil touching paper needs to be perfect and precious - just that it needs to be finished before it can be anything. Trying to come back to the art of sketching or doodling and just letting that be where a bigger, more formed idea comes from. And that I need to be doing all that waaaay more often than I have been lately.

So for the month of March, I'm hand lettering one quote, or phrase, or song lyric, etc, each day. Nothing precious, nothing precise - just taking something that I like or that sticks with me, and transforming it by putting it on paper in my own way. So we'll see how that goes, though I'm really dedicated to sticking with it, because follow-through has always been my biggest hurdle.

These are just tidied up - upping the contrast and removing some of the more egregious smudges (the lefty struggle is real). Otherwise, they'll be just how they are in my sketchbook, for all intents and purposes "finished" but maybe a few could act as thumbnails for more labor-intensive pieces down the road. We'll see!