Winter Soldier

Trying to draw more/improve my likenesses... so expect a lot of my faves from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Somehow Bucky Barnes has become one of my favorite characters from anything ever? (It might have at least a little bit to do with his insanely good & evocative theme music.)


American Pharoah


Part of a larger illustration for a poster that's in progress and also AWESOME. Had to share because I'm completely jazzed about how he's come out - stay tuned for the rest soon.

(Watermarked on the off chance my pony drawin' turns up on google images and someone decides it's worth using in their article or blog post or whatever - figure it could be one the tribulations of being/drawing a Triple Crown winner)


Avengers – WIP

Some practice with digital painting and trying to solidify more identifiable, accurate portraiture. Skipping around a little bit between them (story of my life) but just working on more painterly rendering in Photoshop - Kyle T. Webster's amazing brushes are a big help. Of course I still have 3+ more Avengers to go after my 3 favorites here...