Say Hey. If your questions haven't been answered, I'm happy to chat about anything other info you might be looking for about me, my work, commissions, freelancing, and beyond.

About Me

Lifelong Art Kid. I've loved art and design since I was very young. I was that kid in elementary school who got really into traditional calligraphy at approximately the same time I was really into Pokemon, and who had a sweet hand-me-down copy of Photoshop 3 for coloring in my middle school anime drawings. I decided at a young age that the starving artist life wasn't for me, but I love finding opportunities where my lifelong fascination with animation and illustration can intertwine with my design career. As I get older and grow as a professional, I'm discovering new aspects of the world of design that get me fired up and inspire me to pursue new directions and knowledge.

Nittany Lion. I'm a proud Penn State alumna, class of 2011. I dream of having football season tickets the way some people probably dream of owning a modest tropical island (which runs approximately the same price).

Real Life. In my free time, I can often be found planning out bucket list road trips; speculating about the latest Marvel movies and how they compare to the comics; journaling, tending to my planner, and collecting too many stationery supplies; quoting obscure spin-offs of obscure internet cartoons of the early 2000s; doing hot yoga and strength training; cooking (and more importantly, eating); reading blogs; failing to maintain my own blog; and taking copious pictures of my pets.

Queen of New Jersey. I'm a New Jersey native who grew up on the Shore, with the choice of a nine minute bike ride to the beach or a 90 minute train ride to Manhattan. My royal title was bestowed upon me by a friend, due to my comprehensive love and knowledge of New Jersey roads, geography, history, trivia and attitude. My heart will always be buried somewhere in the Jersey sand, but my feet + the rest of me are always up for a new adventure.

What I'm Doing

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