Obviously it's not to blog. I am the worst at regular blogging. I'm going to try again now, though! Because I'm revamping my website for the twelve billionth time.

So, at work I do keep busy, doing the designin' thing, making all sorts of posters and whatnot. And I've even been drawing lately (more on that soon)! But sometimes, outside of work, when life gets busy, those extraneous creative pursuits fall by the wayside in favor of Ben & Jerry's and consuming entirely too many episodes of television in one sitting.

Luckily for me, I have good friends who love coming up with ridiculous things for me to Photoshop for them. These creative excursions are the subject of this post.

It all started when my friend Heather got a job and was gearing up to move from Pittsburgh to NYC, coincidentally the same weekend as her birthday. Our friend Alex was ready to go and on top of planning the celebrations, because how often does an excuse like that come along, really? The Facebook event was made, just waiting to send the invite to everyone even remotely capable of getting to the city on a weekend in early December. The only thing missing was an event photo that truly captured the gravitas of the occasion.

g-chat, November 11th, 5:18 pm


for heather's welcome party/birthday party
will you photoshop like, a fake movie poster?
The wheels were set in motion.
It turns out there's a lot of movies set in New York with posters ripe for parody.

I also created a poster for Heather and Alex's trip to Puerto Rico over Memorial Day weekend. Sadly I couldn't find a high-resolution enough image of this version of the poster to really work my magic with my preferred level of detail.


And just to prove that my Photoshop affections are fickle and many-layered, I whipped up a response to Alex's poor life choice (documented on social media) of putting on a baseball cap immediately after rescuing it from the tracks of an outdoor subway station on a hot and stormy day in July.