Two of my friends and all-around favorite people, Alex (W.) and Alex (B.) got engaged in July, and threw a lovely engagement party at the end of August. As they were planning their celebration, they asked if I would design them a set of recipe cards to send to all their guests, to fill out with a favorite recipe and return at the party along with a dish to share potluck-style (or through mail, if they couldn't be there in person). In their words,

"Food is a language that transcends time zones an generations and cultures. It brings people together. We want to bring you and your traditions with us as we continue to build our kitchen and our home."

I was so happy to oblige them! The version for the engagement party has a space for guests to write in their names, so they will always know right away who shared that recipe with them; I also designed an alternate version, that simply say "From the kitchen of Alex & Alex" so they can save and share their own favorite recipes for many years to come.