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With over 100 different suppliers providing product to Hunterdon's wholesale portfolio, I get to dabble in a huge range of established brands with very defined and very unique voices. On top of promoting them individually, I more often than not have to make them play nicely with each other. Below you'll find a selection of work featuring some of our most prominent suppliers, as well as a few examples of how I've found fun ways to advertise multi-supplier events.


When Dogfish decided to branch out of Delaware to distribute in other states, their first stop was right across the bay to New Jersey (literally - founder Sam Calagione actually paddled Jersey's first Dogfish six-pack across the Delaware Bay), and Hunterdon has been their partner from the start. After a brand and packaging refresh in 2016, here at Hunterdon we have access to a plethora of assets that give us a firm foundation to work from and build upon, while still keeping all of our NJ produced promotional materials feeling 100% Dogfish Head - unfussy, off-centered, and bursting with flavor and color.


Another of Hunterdon's OG brewery partners, South Jersey is Philly-based Yards' backyard and we have the beer fans to prove it! Their 2018 rebranding, to accompany their brand new brewery and lineup of cans, has been a dream to work with. It's fun, flexible, and distinctive, able to run the gamut from dive bar pool tournaments to chain restaurant partnerships.


Our friends in Hershey rebranded in 2015 and their cohesive, comprehensive design system perfectly complements their tremendous lineup of creative beers. More typography and lettering heavy than most breweries, they're a fun and distinctive voice to work with, and their simple combinations of black, cream and colors are always on point, and always stand out on shelves and on promo materials.


JP Flexner's incredible, ridiculous illustrations and custom designed typography give Neshaminy Creek instant stage prescence befitting their punk rock attitude, and all of it's backed up by great, local beer. It's a dream to work with, and they're always coming up with new beers, creative new themes for events, and ways to incorporate music, wrestling, and other things near and dear to the brewers, sales reps, and the rest of the crew. (Check out my Hunterdon: Fun Stuff project page for some more specific projects that really show how they involve their interests & personalities!)


One of New Jersey's original craft breweries, River Horse opened in 2007 and has been providing the Garden State with their hippo-tastic attitude ever since. With their stable of distinctive, dressed up hippo characters, it's a fun brand to work with and there's a great deal of room to flex some of my weirder, goofier creative muscles.


Most of the time, anything promoting multiple breweries tends to just be an amalgamation of mixed up logos, placed and scaled as diplomatically as possible. Sometimes, though, the events and breweries lend themselves to more elegant - or just more fun - solutions. Here's a few samples from over the years of some of my favorites.

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